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Dear Community Members,


May Allah keep you and your family in the safe haven of Imam-e-Zamana (AF).

As you are all aware, for the last several years, the followers of Fiqh-e-Jafaria have been victimized and killed in various areas of Pakistan through suicide and car bombings, targeted killings, and other means.

This genocide has intensified in the last year. In the last decade, over 12,000 Shias have been killed. From the beginning of this year alone, more than 300 Shias have been killed and many more have been injured. As the residents of Southern California, we all have forcefully condemned these killings, but done this as individuals and without a unified voice. All the Shia organizations of Southern California have been doing their part by organizing advocacy efforts. In order to produce maximal impact, however, there is a need to create a unified common voice and platform. To this end, we have formed a non-profit organization by the name of CASA (Council on American Shia Affairs). CASA is an independent organization represented by Shia centers of Southern California, including: Babul-Ilm Islamic Center, Fatima Islamic Society, Jafaria Islamic Society, Mehfil-e-Asr, Zainabia Islamic Society, Hussainia, Alwalayah, and other Islamic Centers.

Following are the core Values of CASA:
1. Creating community awareness
2. Support victims and families of Shuhada
3. Prevention of future incidents

Awareness: CASA will be launching a marketing campaign to create awareness and gain support from the American Muslim community in particular, and the American public in general.

Support: To support victims and families of Shuhada, CASA intends to hold fund raisers by teaming up with organizations such as Shaheed Foundation, SHARE Global, Imamia Medics, and many more.

Prevention: CASA also intends to create means to help prevent these incidences in future by working with civil societies and other NGO’s both inside and outside Pakistan

We are working to create a unified representation in Southern California to help families of Shuhada and explore options to help stop the Shia killings in Pakistan.

For questions or suggestions, you are encouraged to contact any or the CASA representative noted below. Alternatively, you can reach us by e-mail at info@casasocal.org, or by phone at (714) 455-9184.

CASA team looks forward to visiting all the local Shia centers of Southern California to introduce its mission, vision, and core values. More importantly, solicit your support to help the families of Shuhada and to help stop Shia killings in Pakistan. Look out for an announcement from your center.

Allah Hafiz,


Ali Asghar Oonwala
Ali Mirza
Ali Raza Baig
Imran Mehdi
Khalil Dewji
Mushtaq Oonwala
Nisar BundeAli
Ali Zaidi
Syed Asghar Rizvi
Syed Ehtesham Hamdani
Syed Riyaz Ahmad
Syed Samee Jaffrey
Tahir Mooman
Zulfiquar Merchant

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